Peter Kay shocks fans with trip to Tamworth Chippy…

Gormans are on the hunt for fish & chip loving celebrities, and we’ve found another one…

Top comic Peter Kay served up a treat for staff at a Midlands chippy when he made a surprise visit.

Customers couldn’t believe their eyes when the multi-millionaire comedian arrived unannounced to the Fazeley Fish Bar in Tamworth. He ordered a mouthwatering mountain of fish, chips, mushy peas and fish cakes for himself, his wife and children who were waiting in the car outside.

We hope to see a celebrity in one of our shops sometime soon!


About Gormans

At Gormans we absolutely live and breathe good food. Our passion for ‘Great British Fish & Chips’ comes across in the time and dedication we’ve taken to getting it just right. We think you’ll agree and keep coming back for more! Here is our story… We are a different kettle of fish! We do it right and we do it well. We’ve taken time to perfect all the tiny details that go into making your meal as tasty and nutritious as possible. With half a century’s worth of experience, we’ve learned just how important every single ingredient is. From the succulent melt in the mouth fish we source, the best British tatties, the healthy oil we fry it in, the fluffy coat of batter we cook it in, to the box we seal it in, Gormans care about quality, we don’t mess around!
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