Bluefin tuna fetches record price at Tokyo auction…

A bluefin tuna fetched a record £254,000 today at the first auction of the year at Tsukji market in Tokyo. The 342kg tuna easily beat the previous record, set exactly 10 years ago when a 202kg tuna fetched £155,000.

The tuna, one of more than 500 shipped in from around the world, will be divided between two sushi restaurants – one in Tokyo the other in Hong Kong – which joined forces at the dawn auction for the third year in a row.

In a report released last year, the WWF warned that if fishing continued at current rates, the Atlantic bluefin would be ‘functionally extinct’ in three years time. This is worrying as Bluefin’s popularity in Japan shows no sign of abating, each year the Japanese eat around 600,000 tons of tuna.


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