Sustainable Fish App?

The Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise conservation program has launched an iPhone application that helps people locate sustainable seafood at 3,000 markets and restaurants across the country.

The app uses global positioning satellites, pointing the user to the nearest sources of responsibly harvested seafood. It is continuously updated with searchable lists of seafood choices to embrace or avoid.

Ocean Wise maintains lists of seafoods designated “approved” or “avoid” based on four criteria:

1. A population that is abundant and resilient to fishing pressures

2. The existence of a well-managed fishery plan

3. Harvesting methods that limit bycatch

$. Use of harvesting technology that limits damage to marine environments.

“We have taken all the features of our website and put them on iPhone,” said Ocean Wise manager Jaye Russell.

The iPhone app is the first phase of the Ocean Wise interactive media plan.

The free application — developed by Quickmobile — is available at

Maybe they will get expand to england and Gormans can get involved!



About Gormans

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