A Family Favourite

We’ve been doing this a while now! Established since 1960, we’re going to take a little trip down nostalgia lane, just so you know, we’re not a chain of heartless fast food giants!  Gormans fish and chips has remained a family run business in the North East for over 50 years. Founded by Douglas Gorman in the early 60’s, Dougie fast became renowned for offering the best quality fish and chips, served within the great atmosphere of his first shop in Fenham, Newcastle.  Our values are very much the same as they were then, it works for us so we’re keeping it in the family!

By doing this we’ve been able to pass our traditions and recipes on, to make sure our brand gets better as it grows we’re combining old ways with new ones, our systems and ideas have changed but our values remain the same.  Our Fish restaurants allow us to work hand in hand with the local buyers and suppliers in the North East. We’re proud to say where possible we buy and pick local, fresh sustainable and seasonal ingredients.

Come in and meet the family, we’ll tell you a fishy tale or two.


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