As Good as Gold

Davey spends his days getting well and truly battered.  When it comes to frying, no one does it better than Davey, he’s not just our best fryer; he also makes the famous Gormans secret recipe batter.  He’s an expert at getting it ‘just right’, it takes time and dedication to do this, it’s never too thick or thin, never too stodgy or too light.  His fish is fried to with an impressively golden light crispy, batter; it’s melt in your mouth style every time.

Ps: We thought we’d also mention, we use only the finest oil in our fryers. Apart from having no additives, it also contains less than 1% of trans-fats with no hydrogenated oil or nut oils and is non GM, actually making it the healthiest choice for takeaway food.

We don’t want to get all serious on you, but there are around 550 calories in a portion of Gormans Fish and Chips in comparison to 1000 in a doner kebab.


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